Saturday, June 12, 2021

Three Branch River Grove has a (very small) Library!

 I am very pleased to announce the creation of Three Branch River Grove, ADF's  Lending Library!

Thanks to a very generous donor who was divesting themselves of books they no longer needed and donations from my personal library, we now have the beginnings of a study library for our Grove members. Most of the books are directly related to the Dedicant Path studies, IndoEuropean studies, and Norse/Heathen studies. We have a few books on pagan parenting, picture books, and books of Greek and Norse mythology for children. We have books on consent culture, leadership training, and ritual facilitation. 

I intend to make books from my personal library available soon as well.

In order to borrow from the library, one needs to be a member of the grove, request a library patron ID and password from me.

Three Branch River ADF Library 

Bright Blessings!

Linda Sager Kazalski, Senior Druid