Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Blessed Imbolc to All


PreRitual Briefing/General Information

Here is some general information about our rituals and ADF.

All of our rituals are family friendly and open to the public. No educational level required. Face masks and social distancing are necessary during the pandemic. Please bring a personal drinking vessel. Dress for the weather. We will be in an open air pavilion. There will be pamphlets with the ritual script available so you can follow along and join in. The ritual script will be posted in the grove group ahead of ritual (hopefully by the day before depending on how much overtime I have to put in). ADF is short for Àr nDraíocht Féin which means our own druidry in modern Irish. We are orthopraxic (right action) as opposed to orthodoxic (right belief). We do not tell people what to think or believe. If you'd like some more basics, you might want to check out www.adf.org We are an international organization with good educational and devotional programs. Are we perfect? No, but we strive for excellence. Pre-Ritual Briefing Welcome! Thank you for coming to our ritual! We are delighted to host you. Please silence your phones. ADF druids do not cast and close circles the way some other groups do. You are free to come and go as needed. We only ask that you are quiet and respectful as you do so. The primary purpose of this rite is to offer to the Kindreds: The Shining Ones (Godden, Gods, and Goddesses, and other higher beings), The Nature Spirits of Earth, Sea, and Sky, and The Ancestors and Honored Dead. In return, we hope they will offer blessings to us. We will purify ourselves and our space, make our offerings, take an omen, and then receive the blessings in waters of life.

We open the Gates between the worlds using the three Hallows: The Fire, The Well and The Tree. The Fire represents the upper realms and order. The Well represents the underworld and chaos. The Tree represents Middle Earth, the realm of mortals, and connects the worlds.

We do several songs and chants during our ritual. We invite you to join in. The words are in the printouts provided. Please let us know how many people came, by signing in at the table with your name (magical or secular) for counting purposes only. If you wish us to contact you, please leave your phone number or email. The reason we take attendance in this way is because we are required to report numbers to the international organization. If you can and wish to do so, please donate to An Dagda’s cauldron. Offerings are expensive. Our long-term goal is the purchase of land for a permanent Nemeton and meeting space. The cauldron will be passed around after the Blessings. PayPal is also available using our email address on the grove business cards. We welcome all seekers and insist that all be treated with respect and kindness. We do not tolerate any discrimination based on religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, or any other basis. If someone indicates a preferred pronoun, please use it.

Last, but not certainly not least, Three Branch River Grove values consent culture. Always ask respectfully before you hug or touch another person. Always feel free to politely decline any hug or touch.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Wishing all well

All of our grove rituals are public and family friendly. We are meeting in person, but masks, personal drinking vessels, and and social distancing are required for the safety of us all.

It's a hard time right now, please be safe and stay well.

Bright Blessings to all,